Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holiday announced on prakash utsav of SadGuru Kabir sahib by the Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister of J&K state, Sh. Tara Chand.
A wave of celebrations all over the state amongst jubilant Megh Samaj spread like a flash when prakash utsav of SadGuru kabir sahib was declared as Holiday by Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister J&K state Sh. Tara Chandji.
prakash utsav of sadguru kabir sahib was declared as Holiday before a gathering of thousands of followers of SadGuru Kabirji by Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister Sh. Tara Chand. This has been a prolonged and persistent demand of the Community and was appreciated by thousands of devotees/followers present on the occasions by chanting slogans and singing Bhajans repeatedly. Thousands of men, women, children, and young brigade of the Megh Samaj were jubilant on the occasion and praised the J & K Government for its gesture by accepting the demand.
For the last four years it has been continuous demand of the Bhagat Mahasabha J&K Unit to get the holiday declared on this occasion and ultimately aspirations of thousands of the followers are met with by the Government.
Megh Samaj had been struggling for declaration of Holiday on prakash utsav of SadGuru Kabir sahib ji since Independence. Many of the devotees have sacrificed their ripe age for struggling for the cause but because of one or the other reasons, the issue remained unattended. For the last four years it has been a consistent demand of the Bhagat Mahasabha, to declare Holiday on prakash utsav SadGuru Kabir sahib ji. All the members of the Megh Samaj throughout the length and breadth of the State had put their faith on Bhagat Mahasabha and had been gathering in thousands at Parade Ground Jammu every year waiting for this announcement. Today their struggle reached its zenith and aspirations of all Megh community members have been fulfilled.
The Bhagat Mahasabha J&K Unit on behalf of the Megh Community thanked the Government especially Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister J&K State Sh. Tara Chand for his contribution towards declaration of holiday on prakash utsav of SadGuru Kabir sahib(which is falling on 4th june of this year) as he has taken keen interest for the cause and got this day declared as holiday. It was re-iterated by the speakers on the occasion to follow the path shown by Sadh Guru Kabirji and spread the message of his teachings which is need of the hour for re-storing peace and harmony in the society. It was also impressed upon the young ones to study as much about Sadh Guru Kabirji as they can for their mental and spiritual development.

613th Parkash Utsav celebrated at Majalta by Bhagat Mahasabha

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Early Times Report
JAMMU, June 27: Bhagat Mahasabha, tehsil unit of Majalta celebrated 613th Parkash Utsav of Sadguru Kabir Sahib ji at Sadguru Kabir Mandir, Majalta with traditional fervor and gaiety.
On the occasion, hundreds of devotee from all over the Udhampur district participated. The speakers impressed upon the masses to follow the teachings of Sadguru Kabir Sahib ji in letter and spirit.
A satsang by swami Milkhi Ram Bhagat ji of Gorda and Swami Vijay Bhagat from Jalandhar on the life of Sadguru Kabir ji was also organized on the occasion. Swami ji impressed upon masses to inculcate the spiritual and moral values in the tender minds of kids, school going children and adults in order to free the society from evils like drug addiction, smoking, liqour consumption etc.
The speakers on the occasion highlighted the importance of this occasion and demanded Gazetted Holiday on Kabir Jayanti. It was reiterated that .the state government should pay attention towards the genuine demand of lakhs of devotees of Sadguru Kabir Sahib Ji, majority of which are located in Jammu province and declare Holiday on this occasion of Sadguru Kabir Jayanti.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kabir Jayanti celebrated with religious fervor, gaiety

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 15: The 613th Parkash Utsav of Bhagat Kabir was celebrated with religious fervor and gaiety throughout the Jammu region today. The functions were held in Kabir temples at different places in the region.
A grand function was organized by Bhagat Mahasabha, J&K Unit, here, at Parade in which a large number of devotees participated.
Besides Jammu province, the devotees in large number from the states of Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, Haryana, Chhatisgarh, Himachal and Chandigarh also participated in the function.
National president of the Bhagat Mahasabha Raj Kumar was the chief guest on the occasion while the SSP Jammu, Basant Rath, was the guest of honour.
The speakers exhorted the masses to follow the teachings of Sadgaru Kabir. On the occasion a Satsang by Swami Milkhi Ram Bhagat of Godra on the life and teachings of Bhagat Kabir was also held.
Swami Ji impressed upon the masses to inculcate the spiritual and moral values among the children, youth and others to free the society from all evils like drug addiction, smoking, drinking and dowry system etc. This will lead to upliftment of society and mankind, he added.
On the occasion the newly selected KAS, KPS, IFS, IAS candidates were honoured. Besides the doctors and engineers selected for post graduation courses in open merit, the candidates who got PhDs and the students who secured 90 percent or more marks in 8th, 10 th and 12 classes were also felicitated.
On the occasion devotional songs were sung by the renowned singers from Punjab who enthralled the devotees. The speakers also highlighted the importance of the day and demanded that Kabir Jayanti be declared as a gazetted holiday as this will be a great tribute to the great saint of medieval period.
Others who spoke included Bodh Raj Bhagat, president of the Sabha, Dr Rajesh Bhagat, O P Bhagat, Mohinder Bhagat, Tara Chand Bhagat, Bharat Bhushan Bhagat, Vijay Bhagat, Ex MLA Bali Bhagat, Sheela Bhagat, Chanchalla Bhagat and Daya Ram.
In addition to this All J&K Sadgaru Kabir Sabha Jammu held functions at various places in connection with celebration of Kabir Jayanti.
A Shabeel was installed at Janipur to serve cold water and light refreshment to passers by. A grand function was held in Sadguru Kabir temple Reasi on the occasion also. A large number of devotees drawn from different parts of the district paid their obeisance in the temple. The religious discourses on the teachings of Bhagat Kabir were also held on the occasion and Bhajan and Kirtan continued for the day.
Hundreds of the devotees thronged the Bhagat Kabir temple Utterbani in Samba district today to pay obeisance to Sant Kabir. Besides the Satsangh, Bhajan and Kirtan was also held.
Another grand function was held at Sunderbani in Rajouri district on the occasion of Kabir Jayanti today. Besides the Satsang and Bhajan Kirtan, the teachings of Satguru were also highlighted by religious scholars.

Bhagat Mahasabha,J & K Unit will celebrate Satguru Kabir Jayanti at Parade Ground,Jammu on 15/6/2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bhagat Mahasabha,J & K Unit will celebrate Satguru Kabir Jayanti at Parade Ground,Jammu on 15/6/2011 at 11 am.All Meghs round the world are invited to participate in the grand function.Bhagat Mahasabha will Honour merit students,All Newly elected Panches,Sarpanches & IAS,IPS,KPS,KCS,P.HD Etc.
Prof.Raj kumar,National President
Dr.Rajesh Bhagat,State Co-ordinator
Om Parkash Bhagat,President,BIF
Bodh Raj Bhagat,State President
Swarn Lal,Sr.Vice President
Tara Chand Bhagat,Vice President
Mohinder Bhagat,State Gen.Sec.

Bhagat Mahasabha celebrating Kabir Jayanti on June 15,2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 31: Bhagat Mahasabha (J&K Unit) has resolved to celebrate Kabir Jayanti on June 15 and organize a grand function in this connection at Parade Ground here.
Addressing a joint press conference here today, national president Prof Raj Kumar Bhagat and state unit president Bodh Raj Bhagat demanded that June 15 be declared as Gazetted holiday, in connection with the Parkash Utsav of Sant Kabirji. It is the long pending demand of the community, they added.
It was further disclosed that on this day, a state level function is being organised on June 15, Wednesday, in which a large number of people from various districts and tehsils of Jammu province will take place. The people from neighbouring states are also expected to attend this grand programme.
Prof Bhagat said that all the meritorious students of the community, newly selected IAS, IPS, IFS and KAS candidates besides elected Panches and Sarpanches will also be honoured on this occasion. Famous Punjabi singers Ranjan Romi, Ashu Koti Bhagat, Ramesh Qasim, Sohan Bajalla and Amit Dev will perform during the programme. After the function, a free community langar will be arranged.
Spiritual disclourse, ‘Shabd Kirtan’ and teachings of Bhagat Kabir will be delivered by Swami Milkhi Ram Bhagat of Gorda. Various national and state level leaders of the Biradari will also address the gathering. General secretary Mohinder Bhagat, Swarn Lata Bhagat, sr vice president, Chanchla Bhagat (women wing chief) and Tara Chand Bhagat vice president were also present.

भगत महासभा गरीब बच्चों की पढ़ाई का जिम्मा उठाएगी

Saturday, May 28, 2011

पौनी, जागरण संवाद केंद्र : काना गांव के एससी मोहल्ले में कबीर भगत महासभा की बैठक बुधवार को हुई। इसमें क्षेत्र में आने वाली परेशानियों को लेकर विचार-विमर्श किया गया।
इस मौके पर जेएंडके भगत महासभा के महासचिव महेंद्र भगत ने कहा कि एससी समुदाय के कुछ लोगों की माली हालत ठीक नहीं है। इस कारण वे अपने बच्चों को शिक्षा नहीं दिलवा पा रहे हैं। उन्होंने शिक्षा में बेहतर अंक लेने वाले बच्चों को 15 जून को कबीर जयंती पर जम्मू में होने वाले कार्यक्रम में सम्मानित करने के अलावा गरीबी रेखा से नीचे रहने वाले लोगों के बच्चों की पढ़ाई का जिम्मेदारी उठाने की बात कही। उन्होंने कहा कि जो किशोर, युवा व बुजुर्ग नशे की लत में पड़े हैं वह उसे छोड़ने का प्रयास करें, ताकि आने वाली पीढ़ी पर इसका कोई असर न पड़े। उन्होंने मुख्यमंत्री उमर अब्दुल्ला से कबीर जयंती पर सरकारी छुट्टी की घोषणा करने की मांग की। इस मौके पर जीएल भगत, देसराज, सुभाष चंद्र, थोडू राम, मदन लाल, मोती रात, बंसी लाल व बालकृष्ण मौजूद थे।